The Supercharged 2021 VIRTUAL H4H Mega Run!

Virtual & Supercharged!!

The 2021 H4H Mega Run was bigger and better than ever! As the community trudged their way through the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic and adjusted to the “new normal”, we decided it was time to amp up our annual run to help bring families together, provide some fun for our community and still raise some much-needed funds for local healthcare.

What’s New

Our new supercharged Mega Run had 5 H4H Designated Routes – Water Route, Cold Lake Provincial Park Route, North Route, South Route and Energy Centre Route. Each route had at least 5 sponsored checkpoints that participants could complete and 27 DIFFERENT PRIZES IN TOTAL!!! 

For 2021, we introduced a new, very handsome, mascot and our custom Marigold Lane Creative medals got a whole new look!


Ready. Set. GO!

Our favourite part of the H4H Mega Run? Seeing you and your teams share your success on social media! Every #H4HMegaRun2021 we come across puts a smile on our faces and seeing our community come together to create teams and finish checkpoints makes it all worth while! 

Mega DROP in to Pick Up Day

A supercharged Mega Run calls for a supercharged PICK UP DAY. On September 18th we set up outside the hospital where particpants could pick their Marigold Lane Creative custom medals and locally sourced race kits!

To add to the pick up day fun we had Mega Drop inflatable set up thanks to Bailey Coats – The Mortgage Group, Stems & Flappers service yummy eats, and LEMONADE by Izzy quenching everyone’s thirst!

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Now it was time for YOUR favourite part of the Mega Run! PRIZES! We had prizes a plenty this year!! Checkout all our amazing winners and their SUPERCHARGED prizes. 


Our Sponsors Rock

To our sponsors: We cannot thank you enough for the huge role you play in making this Mega Run a SUPERCHARGED possibility. Without you this would not be a reality. THANK YOU.

We Did It, We Did It, We Did It, YAY!

Mega Run 2021 was a HUGE success! We could not of done it with out YOU! Thank you to our sponsors, participants, donators, volunteers, and supporters.