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 IMG_2180Visiting new moms and babies in the comfort of their own home just got easier for public health nurses in Cold Lake.

Hearts for Healthcare has purchased an additional portable baby scale for Community Health Services, so nurses can share the equipment and schedule more visits.

“It’s so nice not to have to juggle scales and rearrange schedules, to have a scale available when we need it,” says Jeanette Lester, the team lead for public health nurses in Cold Lake.

Last year, there were 320 babies born in Cold Lake. A public health nurse visits each one of those moms and babies the day after they leave the hospital.

With many women being discharged less than 24 hours after delivery, Lester says the home visits are extremely important.

“The scale is so important, to make sure the baby’s weight isn’t dropping more than 10% of their birth weight. We’ve had a lot of little babies born early, so it’s really key to make sure they are gaining weight well,” adds Lester. New mothers also receive breast-feeding advice during the visit.

In addition to the scale, Hearts for Healthcare also purchased an additional ear thermometer for the Health Unit.

Ear thermometers are the preferred method of taking a temperature, especially with small babies and fussy children.

In total, the grant to Community Health Services totaled $565; a small price to pay for such an important service in Cold Lake.

“We’re just so happy that Hearts for Healthcare recognizes us in the community and is helping to promote the health of babies,” adds Lester.


Pictured above: Public health nurse Danielle Tobin weighs Kaibree Tomkinson during a recent check-up.