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The Cold Lake Healthcare Centre was recently able to purchase some new equipment thanks to a donation from the Hearts for Healthcare Foundation.

A new set of wall-mounted, folding parallel bars and a functional electrical stimulation unit were bought for the hospital’s rehabilitation department.
The parallel bars are used to assist patients with regaining their balance and walking abilities.
The new bars can be folded away to allow for more flexible use of the limited space in the rehabilitation department while being mounted to the wall for patient safety.
The functional electric stimulation unit uses an electric current to stimulate and reactivate muscles that are no longer working well.
It is often used with patients who have had a stroke or brain injury and are experiencing muscle weakness on one side of their body.
By helping to reactivate the affected muscles, some patients experience improvement and are able to start using the muscles again.
As the muscles grow stronger, patients can begin to re-learn walking skills and are able to use their hands for self-care activities such as brushing their hair and teeth.
The new equipment is in now in use at the site.
Hearts for Healthcare is a registered charity, running separately from Alberta Health Services administration and governed by a volunteer board. Its goal is to improve the quality of health care in Cold Lake.

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